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The Biden administration’s 30x30 initiative is a bold project with major implications for public and private conservation management. So far, the details of how it will be implemented are unclear. However, the Biden administration’s America the Beautiful report outlines key principles they will follow as they work to conserve 30% of land and water by 2030.

Exactly what types of land will count toward the 30% goal remains unclear, although the report does acknowledge the need to recognize private conservation efforts. Where, and what types of land are included in the 30% target will impact how…

How volunteers can advance federal conservation goals

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This post was co-authored by Logan Krebs

An ancient Indian parable tells the story of a group of blind men who encounter an elephant for the first time. Each man explores a different section of the animal, one touching its ears, another its’ trunk, and so on with the side, legs, tail, and tusk. The man touching the tail believes an elephant is like a rope, while the one touching the tusk believes it is like a spear. Because of their limited reach, they gain only a partial idea of what an elephant is but none has the complete picture…

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Four million Texans lost power last week as the Lone Star state became as cold as Alaska. The abnormally-low temperatures brought the state to a halt. State authorities advised nearly 13 million Texans to boil their water to ensure it was safe to drink. People huddled in furniture stores and ran cars to stay warm. Texas’s crisis is the latest example of the catastrophic effects of failing to plan for increased climate variability.

Climate change is causing more extreme weather events, and both high and low record temperatures are being broken with increasing frequency. Uncertainty about the climate means that…

How Biden can use incentives to achieve an ambitious conservation agenda

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President-elect Biden’s administration is expected to bring renewed focus and attention to climate change and environmental issues. One policy listed on his campaign website derives from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The approach focuses on conserving thirty percent of land and water by 2030, with the catchy shorthand “30 by 30”. More than just marketing, the catchphrase is based on recommendations by a growing group of scientists who say that conserving thirty percent of the earth’s land and water is key to preventing biodiversity loss and slowing global warming. …

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